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Let the pros at Cal Counties take care of your fire protection in San Bernardino, California.  We’re an approved fire extinguisher service company with additional services in fire hose service, fire sprinkler design and installation, fire sprinkler service, and emergency exit lighting services.  We also offer live fire training classes with certifications that may save on insurance premiums.  We’ll address U.S. code issues before inspections in San Bernardino, California, potentially avoiding fines or even shut-downs.  And 24/7 emergency service is available.

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We’ve been providing dependable professional services since 1984, serving San Bernardino and the Inland Empire for over 30 years.  Family owned and operated, our staff includes expert engineers and highly trained technicians.

Our Fire Protection Services in San Bernardino

We can be the single company for all your fire protection needs.  In addition to the following services we can provide

  • Hydrant installation, testing, & repair
  • Underground fire line and valve repair or replacement.

Emergency Exit Lighting Service

Exit lighting service is nothing to be neglected.  It’s critical for occupant safety, and poor maintenance and testing of emergency exit lighting is a common trigger of re-inspections.  Our services help assure that testing and the accompanying paperwork are up to San Bernardino, state, and federal standards and codes before those inspections.

  • Monthly visual inspections and button-tests can be performed by your own staff, but we can include this as an economical addition to other scheduled services.
  • Annual service includes functional testing and careful examination of the battery, bulb, casing, and leads.

Fire Hose Service

Fire hoses are a time-saver and critical line of defense.  Our company offers fire hose sales, installation, testing, and servicing.  Recent NFPA standards ( mean that fire hoses manufactured before 1987 are long overdue for replacement.  NFPA-1962 (2013) specifies the maintenance, use, inspection, testing, and replacement of hoses, couplings, nozzles, and related devices.

  • Monthly inspections of access and condition must be documented.
  • Annual maintenance includes re-racking and a dozen or more tests.
  • 3-Year testing, starting 5 years after manufacturing, includes hydrostatic testing.

San Bernardino Fire Sprinkler Services

We’re San Bernardino’s fire sprinkler design and installation experts.  Sprinkler systems are by far the most effective fire-suppression method, with the NFPA reporting a 98% success rate.  NFPA-13 covers their installation and NFPA-25 their inspection, test, and maintenance.

Our well-qualified in-house engineers, installers, and technicians are experienced in the design, installation, inspection, and testing of all major types of systems including wet pipe, dry pipe, deluge, and pre-action.  We can provide expert consultations for new installations, upgrades, tenant improvements, and scheduled services.

  • Quarterly and annual inspections and testing.
  • 5-Year Title-19 inspection and certification.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Cal-Counties tests and maintains kitchen fire suppression systems and provides outstanding kitchen hood and duct cleaning following NFPA-96.  We take a straightforward approach with no big equipment to interfere with your operations, completely removing the grease fire hazard from screens, duct-work from hood lip to rooftop, and the rooftop fan and motor.  Cleaning also improves smoke and odor ventilation and reduces fan energy use.

Live Fire Training Classes

Cal Counties offers fire training classes at your facility in San Bernardino for the convenience of you and your employees.  Given in English or bilingual class, completion and certification may qualify your company for insurance discounts.  The single class begins with 15-20 minutes of lecture on when to use portable fire extinguishers, their categories and proper use, and your fire escape plan.  That’s followed by 90 minutes of live fire training with everyone experiencing hands-on time.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Service

Portable fire extinguishers are typically the first line of defense in homes and businesses.  Our scheduled services help you meet federal, state, and San Bernardino building code and certification requirements for inspection, test, and maintenance.

  • Monthly visual inspections and record keeping cover a checklist of access, location, and labeling requirements.  Fullness must be checked by weighing as well as by pressure gauge reading.  These monthly inspections may be performed by your own staff.
  • Annual maintenance requirements include a thorough examination and can only be conducted by an approved fire extinguisher service company such as Cal Counties Fire.
  • 5-Year pressure testing is required for carbon dioxide, wet chemical, and pressurized water type extinguishers.
  • 6-Year maintenance for stored-pressure types includes emptying and re-charging.  Non-rechargeable types must be removed from service.
  • 12-Year pressure testing is required for dry chemical extinguishers.

San Bernardino Volunteerism

You don’t have to become a volunteer fireman to help protect your community.  San Bernardino Community Emergency Response Team training ( offers 20 hours of classes and hands-on training at no charge.  It includes procedures for small fires, first aid triage, search and rescue, incident command, and disaster psychology.  You can learn more, including additional information on wildfires and the health effects of smoke at

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