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Do you need commercial fire protection services?  Cal-Counties is the fire protection leader in the City of Commerce. We provide expert emergency exit lighting, fire extinguisher, fire hose and fire sprinkler services. We also provide kitchen fire suppression systems and live fire training classes.  We’re here to help you meet National Fire Protection Association(NFPA), State of California, and local commerce codes. Codes are based on extensive tests in order to keep building occupants safe and secure.  There’s also a financial gain to proper fire equipment maintenance.  As a result of failing a building inspection you may get more frequent inspections even if your not fined. Training class certifications can even lower insurance rates.

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We’ve been serving Southern California, including City of Commerce, for over 30 years with professional fire protection. Family owned and operated we have a team of expert specialists. We design, install, repair, inspect and offer maintenance on all fire protection equipment.  We provide emergency service 24/7 to meet your unexpected needs as well.

Emergency Exit Lighting Service

During any emergency, the exit direction must be absolutely clear. In the presence of heavy smoke or immanent danger, emergent exit lighting is a life saving vehicle. It’s not something to be taken lightly. Because of this, building codes require very specific test and test-documentation. We’re ready to take care of all of them for you. If you prefer to handle monthly checks yourself we can schedule visits for when more extensive testing is required.

Fire Extinguisher Service

Federal and state certifications require that you properly maintain, regularly test and inspect all portable fire extinguishers. Monthly visual inspections involve a specific checklist with items such as pressure gauges, seals, weight, and accessibility.  Pressure tests must be performed by an approved company such as Cal Counties Fire every 5 years for pressurized, carbon dioxide for wet chemical extinguishers and every 12 for dry chemical types.  Depending on the type, periodic re-charging may be required. Non-rechargeable designs must be removed after 12 years from the manufacturing date. We can answer questions you have about your own facility, provide you with scheduled fire extinguisher service as a result keeping you in compliance while saving you time and headaches.

Fire Hose Service

Cal-Counties provides sales, installation, and testing of fire hoses. NFPA standards specify replacement of fire hoses and hose components. Fire hose testing such as adhesion, elongation, pressure, and twist are also required. Starting 5 years after manufacturing date hydrostatic testing is required every 3 years after. Additionally, hoses must be re-racked annually and inspected monthly. Our fire hose service takes care of all of that, right on time, with no worries and no distractions for you.

Complete Fire Protection Services

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