Fire Protection Services Covina, California

You need to stay up to code, and stay safe. Cal-Counties Fire Protection Inc. is ready to help in Covina with scheduled services as well as 24/7 emergency availability. We’re a full-service company with expertise in fire extinguisher, fire hose, and fire sprinkler service as well as emergency exit lighting maintenance. We also offer live training classes.
Cal-Counties is family owned and operated, but most definitely not a mom and pop operation. We’ve been in business for over 30 years designing, installing, repairing, and maintaining sprinkler and kitchen suppression systems, and more. We’re a leading service provider and consultant for all of Southern California. All work is performed by highly-trained uniformed professionals, and we’ll be happy to discuss code and insurance requirements as well as safety recommendations.

Fire Extinguisher Service, Covina, California

Both federal and state regulations require specific inspections, tests, and maintenance. Plus, meeting those requirements, including having the right type of extinguishers are necessary for insurance coverage and claim approvals. We offer the following fire extinguisher services.

• Monthly If you would prefer not to perform them yourself we can complete visual inspection of the pressure gauge, placement, access, general condition, and more.
• Yearly Annual maintenance must be performed by an approved company such as Cal-Counties.
• 5-Year Pressure testing is required every 5 years for water, CO2, and wet-chemical types.
• 6-Year Emptying and recharging is necessary every 6 years from the manufacturing date.
• 12-Year Pressure test dry chemical types are required.
• 12-Year Replacing non-rechargeable types is required.

Fire Hose Service

New (2013) NFPA standards require replacing all pre-1987 hoses due to improvements in materials and designs. Regular fire hose service, including inspection, testing, and component replacements are also required. NFPA and local codes require some dozen test items. Our company is fully-qualified to complete those inspections and tests, and can furnish all needed replacement hoses and accessories.

Fire Sprinkler Services

Sprinkler systems have extensive design, installation, test, and maintenance code requirements. We’re fully qualified to provide all of those, including quarterly and annual inspections as well as 5-year inspections and certifications. Our in-house fire sprinkler service experts are also ready for the design and installation of new systems, upgrades, and tenant remodels.

Emergency Exit Lighting Service

For some business owners and building managers exit lighting is an install and forget item. But shouldn’t be. They’re a critical path to safety when fast exiting is vital, especially in power outages and smoke-filled conditions. Building owners and operators must use the test button as a quick check each and every month. Our emergency exit light service follows through with the more extensive inspection, testing, and maintenance required for ongoing code compliance.
Kitchen Hood and Duct Cleaning
NFPA standards require regular cooking hood and duct cleaning for all commercial locations. Grease accumulates there, including fans and exhaust vents, and quickly becomes an extreme fire hazard. Our kitchen hood and duct cleaning services also provide better exhaust ventilation, save energy, and improve inspection ratings. We perform semi-annual cleaning with no closure of other parts of your kitchen, and certify the hood and duct.

Fire Protection Services You Can Count On Since 1984

Live Fire Training Classes

Our offerings also include live fire training classes in Covina CA and throughout Southern California. They include fire extinguisher classes covering the types of extinguishers, matching the right type to the fire at hand, and hands-on live-fire use training. They also include all-important safe-escape training and exit plans. Beyond employee and tenant safety, certification from these classes may qualify you for lower insurance rates.

Covina California

We’re proud of our heritage, and remind everyone that Covina and West Covina are not the same thing! The area has been occupied for over 5,000 years (and perhaps as long as 8,000 years) by the indigenous Tongva people. Europeans began settling the area as a Spanish colonial rancho in the 1770s. Not too long after the Mexican-American war Joseph Phillips founded Covina in 1882. The name came from a geologic “cove” surrounding a grape vineyard: cove-vina. But the city grew with citrus groves, not grapes.
Covina was the filming location for several movies, including High School USA, Knight Rider, Roswell, and Wayne’s World. Given the relatively low population (officially 47,796 by the 2010 US Census) it’s pretty amazing how many major league baseball players were raised here, including Tom Brunansky, Jack Clark, Ron Roenicke, Rob Wilfong, Chris Woodward, and Michael Young.