La Habra

Fire Protection Your Can Trust In La Habra

Fire protection is essential to every business’s viability.  Every year thousands of businesses experience major fires; hundreds of them have severe property losses.  Sadly, some companies experience loss of lives.  Don’t allow your company to have any of these situations to occur.  In La Habra, Cal-Counties Fire Protection Inc. furnishes businesses with top grade fire protection services, fire training, fire extinguishers and other fire protection products.  We’ve earned the respect of all 5 counties in southern California by providing exceptional fire sprinkler service.  Why not let us put our over 30 years of fire industry experience to work for your organization?

Professional Fire Safety in La Habra

Cal-Counties Fire Protection is a comprehensive fire protection service provider.  If you have a fire protection need, we can address it.  We install, troubleshoot, and repair fire sprinkler systems for businesses of all types.  We install emergency exit lighting and offer interactive fire extinguisher classes.  Simply put we do it all.  Our desire is to offer all of you peace of mind from fire related issues so that you can focus on business.  In addition to excellent service, we also offer regular service and product discounts.  Check this section of our site for updates.

Fire safety should always be taken seriously.  We understand that when you hire us, lives are at stake.  Cal-Counties Fire Protection is meticulous in maintaining, updating, servicing every fire retardant system.

Cal-Counties Fire Protection Inc. offers a full range of fire protection services and products.  We are a leading fire protection service provider throughout the southern California counties.  We have over 30 years of expertise in fire training and protection.  Cal-Counties Fire Protection is committed to the continual safety of the citizens of south California.

Fire Sprinkler Misconception

A common misconception about fire sprinkler systems is that the systems may accidentally go off from the slightest detection of heat or smoke. The truth is that today’s fire sprinkler systems have advanced detection technologies to prevent accidental discharge of water.

Here at Cal Counties Fire Protection Inc. sales, installation, servicing and training of fire safety equipment is our specialty and emergency services are available 24 hours a day in the La Habra area.

Since 1984, countless businesses, contractors, and industrial sites throughout California have trusted our company to provide them with the services they need, when they need it. For prompt and reliable service you can count on call Cal Counties Fire Protection Inc. for all your fire protection needs.