Fire Protection Services in Rialto, California

With wildfires common in and around Rialto it’s important to never loose sight of how properly installed and well maintained protection equipment is. Cal-Counties has been a full-service SoCal leader for over 30 years. We offer fire extinguisher service, fire hose service, and fire sprinkler services. We also provide emergency exit lighting service and live fire training classes. Using our services you will reap benefits from code compliance and may qualify for reductions in insurance costs. Knowing all necessary precautions have been taken prior to a disaster will also give you peace of mind.

Emergency Exit Lighting Service

Critical in emergencies, exit lighting should not be neglected although it often is. And it’s frequently the cause of re-inspections and fines. Testing and maintenance goes beyond monthly quick-tests. We are familiar with all types of requirements such as for office evacuations, warehouses with forklifts, and factory machinery areas. Our emergency exit lighting service provides each and every test required by codes and guidelines.

Suppression Systems Rialto, California

Whether portable extinguishers, kitchen systems, fire hoses, or sprinkler systems, all require very specific inspections and testing for you to meet local, state, and federal requirements.
State and federal certifications require specific monthly inspections. These inspections include visual for broken seals or damage, checking the pressure gauges and weighing. Inspections to assure that instructions and the extinguisher itself are easily accessible. If you miss any of these items, your next code inspection will have a few dings, or even a citation and fine.
Cal-Counties can take care of that, as well as the requirements for recharging every 6 years and hydrostatic testing every 12 years for dry types, every 5 years for other types. Of course we are an approved company for these fire extinguisher services.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Rialto,California

We employ specialists ready to design, install, and maintain kitchen suppression systems. We also offer hood and duct cleaning as required by NFPA-96 (National Fire Protection Association). Our company uses proven straightforward methods so there’s no bulky equipment and no need to close your kitchen. In addition to removing flammable build up, you’ll benefit from better ventilation, energy savings, and better ratings.

Fire Hose Service

Our offerings also include sale, installation, and testing as fire hose services. With major improvements in materials and design, NFPA requires replacing all hoses made before July of 1987. After that, various components may require upgrades or testing. Our experts will be happy to advise you concerning your best options when it’s time to replace upgrade. In addition to monthly inspections, it’s necessary to re-rack hoses annually and to complete hydrostatic testing every 3 years (starting 5 years after the manufactured-on date). We provide re-racking services along with all the many testing requirements to assure compliance with NFPA and local codes

Fire Sprinkler Service

Cal-Counties is also a leader in the design, installation, and repair of sprinkler systems as well as fire sprinkler service. We’re experienced in new buildings, system updates, and tenant improvements with expertise in dry- and wet-pipe, deluge, and pre-action technologies. Let us take care of your quarterly and annual inspections, and especially the critical 5-yr California Title 19 inspection and certification as well as the NFPA 25 requirements.
TIP: The NFPA says that sprinkler systems succeed in controlling fires 98% of the time. No wonder building codes often require them.

Live Fire Training Classes

Extinguishers may not be effective if your people don’t know how to use them properly. Our life fire training classes will teach and certify your employees, at your Rialto site for your convenience. That certification may earn you an insurance discount. Classes are English and bilingual and begin with a 15 to 20 minute lecture on the types of fires and the matching extinguishers. That’s followed by 90 minutes of hands-on live fire training. Upon completion attendees will know the proper use of portable extinguishers and understand proper review of smoke alarm and escape plans.

About Us

Cal-Counties is family owned and operated, and employs only the most qualified technicians to meet all of your fire protection needs. In addition to major inspections, tests, and maintenance, we can combine all monthly inspections for your convenience giving you one less thing to worry about. We’re ready 24/7 for your safety and code compliance needs.

Fires in Rialto California

Like much of Southern California, Rialto is often hit with brush fires, large and small. So safety is always a top priority. Back in 1920 many downtown buildings were destroyed (Wikipedia,_California). In 2015 alone we experienced a 3-engine 20 acre blaze in April (, a somewhat smaller incident in June (, and a propane fire and explosion in December ( But even though we’re home to one of the largest fireworks companies in the US, Pyro Spectaculars, everyone here has so far stayed safe and sound thanks to our fantastic firefighters. Keep it up, Rialto!