Commercial Fire Protection Services Moreno Valley, California

With federal, state, and local codes and regulations professional fire protection simply isn’t an option. For Moreno Valley Cal-Counties Fire Protection is a regional leader. We’re a full-service company, and offer emergency fast response 24/7 services when needed. We offer live fire training classes, fire sprinkler service, fire extinguisher service, emergency exit light service, and fire hose service. Family owned and operated we’ve been in business for over 30 years with multiple specialists in design, installation, repair, test, and maintenance. We want to be part of your team to help keep your employees and tenants safe as well as to help protect you from code violation fines and shutdowns, insurance claim denials, and liability issues.

Our Live Fire Training Classes

We provide expert training throughout Southern California, including Moreno Valley. With bilingual instructors, our classes cover more than evacuation plans and escape guidelines. They include practical hands-on and live fire demonstrations as well as covering the rules, guidelines, and theory of extinguisher use. Students are certified upon completion, and that may reduce your insurance rates.

Our Fire Protection Offerings for Moreno Valley, California

We go well beyond fire routine extinguisher service, all the way to suppression system design and installation. Our scheduled maintenance includes extinguishers, hoses, sprinklers, and emergency exit lighting.

Fire Extinguisher Service

Having the right type of extinguisher for various kinds of combustible materials is key. Being absolutely sure that they work properly when you need them. Make sure you’re meeting all local, state, and federal regulations in order to pass government inspections. Your staff should be performing and recording monthly visual checks of pressure gauges, seals, and each unit is in good condition with neither access nor instructions obstructed. We can take care of that for you and apply an experienced and fully-trained eye. Our fire extinguisher services also include annual maintenance, detailed inspection and recharging when needed. This can only be done by an approved company. Additional tests and maintenance (such as hydro-dynamic pressure tests and suppressant replacement) are also required at intervals ranging from 5 to 12 years. Let our experts review your building and create a customized fire extinguisher service schedule for you.

Fire Hose Service

Don’t forget that you also need periodic fire hose service for this important second line of defense. Recent NFPA standards direct replacement of all hoses manufactured prior to July 1987 as well as specific monthly inspections as well as annual inspections, re-racking, repairs, and replacements. All combined that’s some dozen items requiring approved professionals. We follow all NFPA guidelines and are ready to consult with you and advise on schedules.

Fire Sprinkler Service

Sprinklers are the most effective means to control spread, with studies indicating some 98% effectiveness. But that’s not the case if the system isn’t in perfect working order. Our expertise and experience covers everything from design and installation to routine fire sprinkler service. NFPA standards specify certain quarterly and annual inspections and more extensive 5-year inspections and certification. Our fire sprinkler services include that, as well as upgrades and tenant improvements to meet all codes and regulations.

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Kitchen Hood and Exhaust Duct Cleaning

NFPA standards also cover inspection, cleaning, and certification of hoods and exhausts for all commercial kitchens. Grease quickly builds up on hoods, fans, ducts, and exhaust vents and can be immediately ignited by a grill or other kitchen fire. Our kitchen hood and exhaust cleaning covers all that, safely and thoroughly removing all grease without closing down the rest of the kitchen. After that we’ll issue hood and exhaust duct certifications. You’ll also benefit from improved inspection ratings, better smoke and odor exhaust, and reduced energy use.

Emergency Exit Lighting Service

Properly operating exit lights are helpful in a power outage and absolutely vital in a fire or other disaster. Yet building owners and facility managers often neglect monthly use of the test-buttons. Our emergency exit lighting service extends that to thorough inspection, additional tests, and maintenance as required for federal, state, and local compliance.

Moreno Valley California History

Human habitation in Moreno Valley dates back at least 2,000 years. The first Europeans to visit the area were Spanish scouts, but no missions or ranchos were established locally. Settlement began shortly after California joined the U.S. in 1850. Farming thrived until 1899 when we lost water rights to Redlands. Moreno Valley was rescued a generation later by March Field Air Force Base, which much to many peoples surprise was established way back in 1918. Although Moreno Valley wasn’t formally incorporated until 1984, after a multi-decade housing boom starting in the 1980s we grew to be the second largest city in Riverside County. The latest U.S. Census of 2010 put the population at 193,365.