Commercial Fire Sprinkler Services in Anaheim

Sprinkler systems are subject to corrosion, alarm faults, and other anomalies.  Only with regular maintenance can you ensure that a sprinkler system will perform at its greatest time of need.  We can maintain, test, and repair problems associated with your sprinkler system.

The death tolls from business facility fires are far greater than deaths resulting from residential fires.  Has your business’s risk management formulated a sound fire protection strategy?  Without one, an organization can lose valuable property and endanger lives.  Cal-Counties Fire Protection Incorporated is a premium provider of fire protection services, fire training, and fire extinguishers for businesses in Anaheim.  Since 1984, we have partnered with southern Californian businesses in protecting the lives of their employees, their property, and their communities.  Cal-Counties Fire Protection offers professional service that work in accord with your company’s fire protection strategy.  Take a look at some of the services we can provide for your Anaheim company.

Emergency Exit Lighting

When fires erupt, electric systems are among the first to fail.  Furthermore, smoke impedes vision and can easily disorient people inside buildings.  We can set up emergency lighting that can help staff find their way to safety during fires.

Fire Extinguisher Training Classes

Want to make sure your employees understand how to use a fire extinguisher?  We do too!  We host live interactive training classes that will prepare anyone to be ready to use an extinguisher when the time calls for it.

Cal-Counties Fire Protection Inc. offers a full range of fire protection services and products.  We are a leading fire protection service provider throughout the southern California counties.  We have over 30 years of expertise in fire training and protection.  Cal-Counties Fire Protection is committed to the continual safety of the citizens of south California.