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Emergency Exit Lights

Among the most under serviced and ignored pieces of safety equipment on the planet today are a business’s emergency and exit lighting that serves as a path of safety. During a catastrophic event and even something as small as a power outage, the emergency lighting and the exit lighting in a building have battery backups similar to a fire alarm panel. If the power is out and the lights are off these lighting units must function for up to 1.5 hours to ensure the buildings occupant’s safety in such an event.

Here are three different situations Cal Counties Fire highlight that target the absolute necessity of proper emergency and exit lighting:.

  1. Warehouses– In a warehouse forklifts drive carelessly around the warehouse getting from one place to another. Sometimes pallets can be stacked 20 feet high for building efficiency. In the event of a lights out situation what guarantee do you have that your employees would be safe from falling objects, moving vehicles, or regular human error in blindness?
  2. Dangerous Factory Equipment– Metal breaks, chop saws, jig saws, augers, and presses are all equipment that pose serious safety risks in the event of a black out. Many of these machines will certainly shut down in the event of a black out, however if the power comes back on and an employee is in an at risk situation due to the loss of sight dangerous events become more likely.
  3. Natural Disasters– During a disaster or a fire it is of the upmost importance for employees to be able to find local areas for emergency like tornado shelters, chemically safe rooms, and paths of egress from danger. If life safety equipment such as emergency and exit lights are not maintained employees will be panicked and unaware of the best road to safety.

Cal Counties Fire offer comprehensive services that allow us to not only test the battery, we also ensure that the bulbs, casings, and leads are in good condition. We use one of two tests to assess an initial site. Many times when we use the attached test button on an emergency light we will find that the battery is completely dead, however this is not the only risk. A toothpick test must be done to ensure proper battery life. Either a toothpick or a piece of tape is inserted or placed over the test button and left for 1.5 hours to ensure battery charge. The owner or safety manager of a building is responsible for monthly tests to verify the lights are in good working condition. This is done by simply touching the test button to ensure battery life.

The reaction to these kinds of tests are various and among them is the cost associated with adding another annual test to the variety of annual testing that must be done in your facility. Because of the many different types of services that Cal-Counties Fire Protection offers we are able to bundle these services together making them more affordable and efficient for our customers.

If you are unsure whether your life safety equipment has been tested and maintained based on local, state, or federal compliance standards please give us a call at (800)350-8932 or contact us online to allow us to inspect and maintain your equipment to ensure you and your employees will be safe in the event of an emergency.

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