Fire Protection Services Chino Hills, California

Fire equipment maintenance and inspection sometimes seem like a nuisance, but we should never forget its importance in saving lives here in Chino Hills.  And it can save you money big time.  Did you know that the NFPA reports that properly maintained sprinkler systems control blazes in commercial buildings 98% of the time?  In addition to fire sprinkler service, Cal-Counties can take on your chores for fire hose service and fire extinguisher service.  We also offer emergency exit lighting service as well as live fire training classes.

So let us take care of all your fire protection tasks, freeing you and your staff to do more of what you do best.  Besides better protection for your employees or tenants you’ll avoid re-inspections and fines, and just might save on your insurance coverage.

Our Services in Chino Hills California

Our Inland Empire-based company has been serving Chino and Southern California for over 30 years.  We’ll keep you safe by keeping you up to code.  As a full-service company, we offer consultation, tenant improvements, testing, maintenance, and repair work.  All work is done by our in-house uniformed technicians, who arrive right on schedule in marked service trucks.

We’ll be happy to arrange customized schedules, and our professionals are ready to roll 24/7 for emergency services.

Fire Extinguisher Services for Chino Hills, CA.

There’s a lot more to extinguishers than many people think.  The wrong type of fire extinguishers, or lack of proper fire extinguisher service, can make a small inconvenience into a large disaster.  And possibly even one that won’t be covered by insurance.  Here is the recommended fire extinguisher service schedule.

  • Monthly — Visually inspect that the unit and its instructions are easily accessible with safety seals intact, that the pressure gauge readings are within range, and that there’s no evidence of problems.
  • Yearly — Test by an approved company.
  • 5 Years — Hydrostatic testing for water, carbon dioxide, and wet-chemical types.
  • 6 Years — Empty and recharge dry types. Replacement of non-rechargeable types.
  • 12 Years – Hydrostatic testing of Dry Chemical types.

Fire Sprinkler Services in Chino Hills California

Our experts are ready for all phases of fire sprinkler service.  There are a surprisingly large number of things to know in the fire protection industry, so we’ll be happy to sit down and start with a professional consultation that best fits your specific needs and requirements.  Our experienced crews can take care of your quarterly inspections, annual testing, 5-year testing, and California Title-19 certifications. Our expert troubleshooters are ready to identify and repair problems before they get out of hand.

Fire Hose Service

Properly functioning fire hoses are a critical first defense.  Changes by the NFPA require replacements and upgrades for older equipment.  Our fire hose service can take care of that for you, including sales, installation, testing, maintenance, and training.  Here is the recommended fire hose service schedule.

  • Monthly visual inspections.
  • Yearly re-racking.
  • 3-Year hydrostatic testing (starting 5 years after the manufacturing date).

Kitchen Hood and Duct Cleaning

NFPA96 requires periodic cleaning of kitchen vent-hood systems to avoid grease build-up.  The time interval depends on usage factors, and professional cleaning is typically necessary around twice yearly.  Our services remove grease from hoods, screens, fans, ducts, and vents — everything from the hood to the roof!  We provide certification documentation, and our thorough cleaning means you’ll also benefit from better exhaust of smoke and odors as well as from energy savings.  Plus, we don’t bring in heavy equipment so you’ll have minimal disruption and can keep most of your kitchen operating without interruption.

Emergency Exit Lighting Service

Emergency exit lighting isn’t just for night-time power outages.  They’re critical in emergencies, particularly when smoke is present, to clearly guide the way and avoid confusion or even panic.  And they shouldn’t be ignored as they’re part of your building inspections.  Even if you prefer to have your staff members perform the monthly tests, we’ll be happy to perform the annual functional tests (including battery lifetime) for you along with bulb, casing, wiring checks, and new light replacement.

Live Fire Training Classes

Even in cases where they’re not legally required, live fire training classes keep everyone safer and when we certify your staff you may qualify for lower insurance rates.  For your convenience, we normally hold them at your Chino site.  Our English and bi-lingual classes begin with a 15 to 20-minute presentation on the different types of extinguishers and on choosing the right one for the blaze at hand.  We can also include going over escape plans.  The main portion of each class, about 90 minutes, is a hands-on live-fire demo where each participant learns how to properly use a portable extinguisher.

Chino Fire Protection

Fire safety is especially important for Chino’s 77,983 residents (US Census, 2010).  Most remember the major Chino Brush Fire in April of 2015 that burned some thousand acres and put 200 homes at risk leading to an evacuation order (  On average there’s a major blaze within 50 miles of Chino about once each year (  And of course numerous homes and business burn each and every year.  So keep brush and dry vegetation cleared away and always keep your equipment in the best working order.

We Do All Fire Protection Services

Extinguishers, Sprinklers, Hoses, Exit Lighting, Training & more.