Fire Protection in La Puente

Businesses that are proactive are generally more successful than those that are reactive.  In terms of fire protection, it is always better to engage in proactive fire protection than to react to a fire disaster when it happens.  Being a reactor can cause considerable damage and cost lives.  Cal-Counties Fire Protection Inc. encourages La Puente businesses to consider the risks facing their organization should a fire occur.  Doing so could be the first step in protecting themselves from deadly fires.  Since 1984, we have served all 5 counties of southern California as a premium provider of fire protection services, fire training, and fire extinguishers.  We work hard to assist businesses in their risk management efforts to prevent fires.  From fire sprinkler service to full-scale fire protection management Cal-Counties Fire Protection Inc. is your business’s solution.

La Puente Fire Sprinkler Services

Did you know that your sprinkler system is subject to alarm faults, corrosion, and other maintenance abnormalities?  To counteract these occurrences, scheduled maintenance is key.  We maintain and repair sprinkler systems for a variety of businesses in La Puente to keep them up to code. Even if you do not have a sprinkler system and you need one to meet local fire code, Cal-Counties Fire Protection can help test, maintenance, repair, upgrade and even retrofit your fire sprinkler system.

Fire Extinguisher Training Classes

If you have to react to a fire, it is best if you are prepared.  One of the best ways that companies can do this is by training your employees to use a fire extinguisher.  Every year thousands of fires are thwarted by well-trained users of fire extinguishers.  We make sure that if a fire does occurs, your staff is prepared to eliminate them before they get out of hand.

Cal-Counties Fire Protection Inc. offers a full range of fire protection services and products.  We are a leading fire protection service provider throughout the southern California counties.  We have over 30 years of expertise in fire training and protection.  Cal-Counties Fire Protection is committed to the continual safety of the citizens of south California.