Fontana Fire Protection Professionals

When you need fire protection services in Fontana there’s a single company you call to meet all your needs.  Cal-Counties Fire Protection has true professionals. We specialize in fire extinguisher service, fire hose service, and fire sprinkler service.  We also provide outstanding live fire training classes as well as emergency lighting service.

Our clients really appreciate our thoroughness and attention to detail giving them the peace of mind. Our customers know safety-critical protection is properly installed, fully maintained, and in code compliance. In some cases our clients benefit from reduced insurance premiums as a result. Cal-Counties has been a Southern California leader in fire protection services for over 30 years.  Family owned and operated we’re a full-service company and use only well-trained in-house technicians.

Fontana Fire Protection Services

Our service packages combine everything you need, nothing more or less to take workload off your staff resulting in fewer distractions. Our crews are ready 24/7 to meet your emergency safety and compliance needs in and around Fontana.

  • Portable Fire Extinguisher Service-  As an approved licensed company for fire extinguisher service and testing we can help you meet state and federal code requirements.  We’ll take care of those monthly visual inspections and sign offs, as well as your annual certifications. We can also take care of those longer-term requirements for recharging and hydrostatic testing.
  • Fire Hose Service- Don’t forget that hoses also need monthly inspections and annual re-racking service. Our fire hose service can take care of that for you. We can also do periodic hydrostatic testing and component upgrades resulting in NFPA and local code compliance.
  • Fire Sprinkler Service- Our in-house professionals are also experts in maintenance, testing, repairs, and tenant improvements for fire sprinkler systems.  Our service includes California Title 19 and NFPA 25 testing guidelines for quarterly, annual and 5 year inspections and certification.
  • Hood and Duct Kitchen Cleaning Services- NFPA 96 and local codes place specific requirements on commercial kitchens so we have pros in the cleaning of Hood and Duct systems. Our technicians are experts at removing flammable buildup with time-proven methods that don’t involve shutting down your entire kitchen.  You’ll also benefit from energy savings and better ventilation.

Emergency Exit Lighting Services

Emergency exit lighting is critical in emergencies as well as in “everyday” power outages. Yet they’re often neglected even though it is an NFPA 101 code to test and inspect these lights annually. Not doing so could result in citations, fines, and delays in emergency evacuation for employees.  So our Fontana emergency exit lighting services take care of those testing and maintenance needs, freeing your staff’s time while ensuring their safety.

Live Fire Training Classes

To keep your employees safe and qualify you for insurance discounts we offer live fire extinguisher training classes.  For your convenience, saving time otherwise lost to travel, we hold them at your Fontana facility. It begins with a 15 to 20-minute lecture on the various types of fires and the correct extinguisher for each. Then comes a hands-on live-fire training experience. Trainees can put into action what they have learned during the class lecture.

Fontana California

With a population of some 203,000 residents (,_California)Fontana, CA is a trucking hub serving Interstate 10, 15, and State Route 210.  Even many locals don’t know that we’re the original home of Kaiser Permanente, founded by Henry Kaiser to provide health care for his steel mills (build in 1913).

Fontana's Fire Protection Leaders

Over 30 years experience in the local market. Only a phone call away.