Quality Fire Protection Services Since 1984

Complete Fire Protection Services Offered in Ontario include Fire Sprinkler, Fire Extinguisher, and Fire Hose Services

A family-owned business since 1984 Cal-Counties Fire Protection has been serving the Southern California area for more than 30 years. Cal-Counties fire technicians are qualified fire safety experts. Our specialists can provide design, installation, service, repair, and consultation for fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, fire hoses and other fire safety products and classes. With our experience, you can count on our products and services to keep your facility safe in Ontario, California. Contact us today to schedule service in Ontario.

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher Services

The essential reason to have a fire extinguisher service in your business is naturally to make sure your business is prepared for a fire. We provide Fire extinguisher service for all Ontario business. This service is vital because without thorough maintenance and constant checks these devices can fail to perform as required by law.

Fire Sprinkler Services

Fire Sprinkler Service

We provide services to properly design and install fire sprinkler systems for Ontario business to help protect your building and its assets from hazard of fire.We are able to assist you with Design, Installation, Inspection and Maintenance of your Fire Sprinkler System. Please contact us to get a detailed quote today!

Fire Hose Services

Fire Hose Service

Cal-Counties fire technicians are qualified fire safety experts and specialists for commercial businesses. We can help you decide on the best fire hose options for your building. Businesses have been counting on Calcounties fire protection since 1984.

Emergency Exit Signs

Emergency Exit Lighting

Businesses emergency and exit lighting is a path of safety. During a catastrophic event and even something as small as a power outage, the emergency lighting and the exit lighting in a building have battery back ups similar to a fire alarm panel. We provide a complete selection of emergency exit lighting products and services to all Ontario businesses.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Kitchen Hood & Duct Cleaning

In accordance with NFPA96—Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations, every commercial cooking establishment needs kitchen hood cleaning.

Fire Extinguisher Classes

Live Fire Extinguisher Classes

Cal Counties offers live fire extinguisher classes with ENGLISH and BILINGUAL instructors for all Ontario business. Each participant will have the opportunity for hands-on extinguishing of the fire. Contact us today to schedule or click here for more information.

We Offer Complete Fire Protection Services in Ontario including Fire Sprinkler, Fire Extinguisher and Fire Hose Services.